You won’t believe the secret to mastering no follow and do follow links – revealed!

Link building is an essential aspect of SEO that can significantly impact your website’s search engine ranking. However, many website owners struggle to understand the difference between no follow and do follow links, and how to effectively utilize them to improve their SEO strategy. In this article, we will uncover the secret to mastering both types of links and provide you with actionable tips to boost your website’s visibility.

Understanding No Follow and Do Follow Links

No follow and do follow are two types of attributes that can be added to a hyperlink. When a website links to another site using a no follow attribute, it informs search engines not to pass any link equity or authority to that linked site. On the other hand, a do follow link allows search engines to follow the link and pass on the authority to the linked site.

It’s important to note that both types of links are valuable for a comprehensive SEO strategy. While do follow links can improve your website’s search engine ranking, no follow links also play a crucial role in diversifying your backlink profile and driving referral traffic.

The Secret to Mastering No Follow and Do Follow Links

The secret to mastering both types of links lies in creating a balanced link profile that includes a mix of both no follow and do follow links. Here are some tips to help you effectively utilize both types of links:

1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When building links, prioritize the quality of the websites linking to you over the quantity of links. A single high-quality do follow link from a reputable website can have a more significant impact on your SEO than multiple low-quality do follow links.

2. Diversify Your Anchor Text

When optimizing your anchor text, avoid keyword stuffing and opt for a natural, diverse anchor text profile. This includes using branded anchor texts, naked URLs, and generic terms alongside targeted keywords to create a balanced link profile that looks organic to search engines.

3. Earn No Follow Links from Authority Websites

Although no follow links do not pass link equity, they are still valuable in driving referral traffic and building credibility. Seek opportunities to earn no follow links from authority websites in your industry to enhance your website’s visibility and reach a wider audience.

Utilizing Active Backlink to Manage Your Link Profile

Managing your link profile can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large number of backlinks to monitor. This is where Active Backlink comes in handy. Active Backlink is a powerful SEO tool that allows you to track and analyze your backlink profile, identify toxic links, and streamline your link building efforts.

With Active Backlink, you can effortlessly manage both no follow and do follow links, monitor your website’s link growth, and gain valuable insights into your competitor’s backlink strategy. By leveraging Active Backlink, you can make informed decisions to improve your website’s SEO performance and drive organic traffic.


Mastering both no follow and do follow links is essential for a successful SEO strategy. By creating a balanced link profile, focusing on quality over quantity, and leveraging tools like Active Backlink, you can enhance your website’s visibility, drive organic traffic, and improve your search engine ranking. Incorporate the tips mentioned in this article into your link building strategy to achieve long-term success in SEO.


Q: Can I only focus on building do follow links for SEO?

A: While do follow links are valuable for improving your search engine ranking, it’s essential to incorporate a mix of both no follow and do follow links for a holistic SEO strategy.

Q: How can I earn high-quality no follow links?

A: To earn high-quality no follow links, focus on creating valuable, shareable content, and building relationships with authority websites in your industry.

Q: Is Active Backlink a free tool?

A: Active Backlink offers both free and premium plans to cater to the needs of all website owners. You can sign up for a free trial to experience the benefits of Active Backlink for your SEO strategy.

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