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Buy Backlinks

Buy Backlinks from High DA Web 2.0 Sites

Buy backlinks and increase your website and keyword rankings. Your website needs more authority to get excellent Google rankings. Thankfully, Active Backlink’s backlink service specially designed to generate maximum high quality with 99% do-follow backlinks.

Our backlinks tailored to every website, from single-page sites or blogs to multi-page websites, E-commerce websites, and more.

Buy Backlinks with Multi-Level

With this method, first-level and second-level backlinks created.

Buy Backlinks with First Level

With this method, only first-level links are created and are 99% do-follow links.

Buy Multi-Level Backlinks Packages

We offer 4 different Backlink packages. All packages come with high quality and multi-level (First Level and Second Level) backlinks.

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* What is First Level Links? Links that directly link to your website URL.

^ What is Second Level Links? Links that linking to the First Level links.

Buy First Level Backlinks Packages

We offer 8 different First Level Backlink packages. First Level links are were backlinks are linked directly to your website URL

Advantages of buying backlinks every month

Increase in DA

Do-Follow Links

Buying backlinks one time you will see the increase in the total number of backlinks and some increase in your Domain DA and do-follow links. But this is not enough if you want to beat your competitors and get a better ranking in Google

Buying backlinks every month will increase your website domain DA and since we provide 99% do-follow links it also increases do-follow. This helps you to rank better in Google. The more you rank in Google the more you receive the traffic.

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