You can add one URL and up to 5 keywords. 

This URL can be the website URL or YouTube video link.

Yes, you can order same backlink package or add different backlink package as many as you want. 

Every time you add a Backlink package you will be asked to enter a URL and Keywords where you can add different URL and Keywords for it.  So is useful if you have multiple URLs.

If you have multiple URLs then you need to add again the same package to the cart.


For example, if you have 2 URLs and you are purchasing “Basic Backlink Package” then you need to first add the package to the cart by entering the 1st URL and Keywords list and click on “Add to Cart” button. 

Then again go back to the same product package page and now enter your 2nd URL and Keywords list and click on “Add to Cart” button.

Now you have 2 same backlink packages with 2 different URLs added to the cart.


You can purchase as much as you want by repeating the steps above.

For customer from INDIA

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card
  3. UPI payments
  4. Netbanking


For INTERNATIONAL Customers payment are accepted via PayPal

  1. Credit Card (all major credit cards)
  2. PayPal Credit

Yes you can. All you need to do is share your YouTube URL link and keywords. We create unique contents related to your YouTube video  and integrate the YouTube video into the blog post and create backlinks. 

This will help to increase your YouTube video for better ranking.

Yes we create unique quality and SEO friendly article contents for free. 

Yes you can. You can share your article contents along with Photos and Youtube video links to us and we optimize further for creating the backlinks. 

A full report on Excel document containing backlink URLs  will be available to download once the service is completed. You can use this report to verify the links we created.

Upon completion of work you will receive an order complete email from us with an instructions on how to view and download the report.

Reports will be available in Excel document for download and it will be available in your order details. Login to your account, click on the order number and under Order Updates section you will find the report file to download.

Each type of backlink built by our service takes a different amount of time to fulfill. For more information on each specific link type, please refer to that link’s product page.

Normally it will take 30 days to index the created backlinks and you can start seeing the results within 45 days. Google takes time to index and this is how it woks, so please be patient. 

Currently all packages comes with free Indexing service. All the created backlinks. We use a standard method of indexing, links will be getting indexed slowly within 30 days, so again, we make everything to look perfectly natural. That does not mean all backlinks will get indexed, but the indexing rate increases drastically.

  1. Basic Package: This is the least cost package and it is purchased to test the quality of our work and quality of the backlinks we create.
  2. Plus Package: Recommended for YouTube videos ranking and for single page websites which has less keyword competition.
  3. Pro Package: Both for YouTube video ranking and for websites. 
  4. Premier Package: For E-Commerce websites and YouTube videos / Websites having high competition keywords.

  1. 5K-T1 Package: If you have already purchased few Standard Packages and need to boost the Tier 1 Links for better DA ranking.
  2. 10K-T1 Package: If you have already purchased few Pro Package and need to boost the Tier 1 Links to for better DA ranking.
  3. 15K-T1 and 20K-T1 Packages: This is purely for SEO agencies and E-commerce websites. For E-commerce website it is recommended to buy this after few purchases of Premier Package.


Providing the keywords is strictly the customer responsibility. 

All niches are accepted, until it’s nothing illegal. Illegal niches such as adult, scam, lottery, weapons and other illegal niches are not allowed.

No, you are not. We do not hold our clients into any contract.

Backlink is a link one website gets from another website. Backlinks are a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. This is why they are considered very useful for improving a website’s SEO ranking.

We do 100% natural manual link building with a balance of high and mid range DA sites that are regularly updated.

We follow natural link building practices to ensure that we create safe backlinks. We always use high DA sites to create blogs and add backlinks and we always keep update on our backlink sites for DA and PR.

We do a natural mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks, getting only do-follow backlinks does not look natural for Google, you need all types of backlinks. 80 to 90% of backlinks will be do-follow links.

And no-follow links won’t pass Page Rank but it will still help you rank.

Yes link building does help increase the website ranking in Google and other search engines. But there are several key factors along with backlink helps ranking. 

  1. Creation of good contents related to your keywords in your website / web page.
  2. On-page optimisation.
  3. Creating natural backlinks, which we provide.

Yes, it will definitely help to increase your DA and PR. For this you need to buy more number of backlink packages and we recommend you to buy at least once every month.

We would recommend you to do so, your competitors are building backlinks regularly and so should you if you want to rank your website better in Google and other search engines.

You can use a 3rd party backlink monitor services. For instance you can use to monitor your backlinks. 

Yes, all the backlinks build by us are white label, meaning that the reports are made in such a way that they can be easily passed to your clients with no branding elements of our own. This makes great for agencies.

All sales are final once work has started on our backlink building packages.

However, if work is not completed on time then a full amount will be refunded.