17500 Traffic in 7 Days

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Total Traffic : 17,500 Direct Traffic
Website URL : 1 Website URL ( Will also send traffic to your website internal pages to get less bounce rate)
Traffic Days : 7 Days (1000 Traffic Per Day)
Geo-Targeting Country : Yes
Traffic Tracking : Please read our FAQ below

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All traffic that we generate is a real traffic with real users and paid for users to browse your website and also using other methods.

Yes it is 100% Adsense and other Ad networks safe. Traffic are generated from real users and real IP address but visitors will only browse your webpage but not click on the ad present within your website. We do not gurantee any ad revenue from our traffic.

  1. We do not allow websites that have virus/malware and auto downloader.
  2. We do not allow websites that require signup, survery or CPA.
  3. We do not allow sites that have page loading time more than 60 seconds.
  4. We do not allow any URL shortening links such as bit.ly or simillar URL shortening sites.
  5. We do not allow any Video / Audio sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Soundclound or simillar sites.
  6. We stricly do not allow sites with Adult / Porn contents.


You can monitor the traffic using Google Analytics or any similar website analysis services.

It is best to setup Google Analytics to monitor and track the results. Do note that you must have Google Analytics tracking code setup on your website before you purchase the traffic package. Else you may not get an accurate amount of traffic results to view and we will not compensate or held responsible for any loss of traffic visit.

It is completely depend on your website hosting server. Make sure your website hosting can handle our traffic amount. If your website is hosted on Shared Hosting then order package with less than 5000 traffic per day. If you have hosted your website on VPS / Dedicated server then you can choose any packages. 

We will not be held responsible if your website goes down due to spike in the traffic or with any of your website technical issues while running the traffic campaign.

No, we cannot, and no traffic providers can gurantee any revenue income, conversions, sales, sign-ups or downloads. What we gurantee is after you buy the website traffic, we deliver the amount of traffic as mentioned in the package to your website, and provide any compensation if you get less traffic than what you ordered. We will do any traffic compensation by increasing traffic to your website after the campaign ends.

Yes, we have a Trial package that costs 50 INR (Indian Rupees) for 250 traffic for 1 day.

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